Can You Give Your Love to a Senior Dog?

Many senior dogs, those who are over 8 years old, end up living and dying in shelters for multiple reasons, none of which are their fault.

In many cases, they end up there because they used to be the pet of someone who died or was moved to a nursing home, and this person’s family is incapable or not willing to assume the responsibility of taking care of a senior dog.

Love for a Senior DogIn other cases, and more often than one would expect and wish, the reason why a senior dog spends its last years at a shelter is because once their pet gets old, the owners don’t want to spend extra time and money to take proper care of it.

Luckily, there are many people out there who are able and willing to adopt a senior dog, an experience that is extremely rewarding and that will give a beautiful dog a chance to live its senior years surrounded by love.

However, if you are thinking about adopting a senior dog, you must know that there are several special considerations and responsibilities that come with the job, thus, you should first ask yourself these important questions:

What is my lifestyle like?

A senior dog needs a quiet home. If your house is full of kids and if your lifestyle is very hectic, a senior dog will not adapt well and it may suffer a lot because of it.

As a general rule, the best candidates to adopt a senior dog are older couples or single individuals who live quiet lives.

What are my expectations?

If you are looking for a buddy to go running or to go along with you on long walks, you need a younger dog. A senior dog is slow and cannot endure intensive exercise routines. It is the perfect companion for someone who likes to cuddle on the couch watching movies.

Is my routine stable?

Just like it happens with most people as they become older, a dog gets more set on its ways and less capable of dealing with change as it ages.

A senior dog likes, and needs, the constancy of a steady daily routine, thus, if your lifestyle is one that demands very varied schedules, you are better off getting a younger pal.

Am I financially willing and capable of making this commitment?

As previously mentioned, a senior dog is in many ways similar to a senior person, and this is another example. Just as an elderly person, a senior dog is more vulnerable to illness.

While some illnesses are minor, others may be more serious, and may be expensive to treat. If you want to take care of a senior dog properly, it means you are willing to spend the money to give it the best quality of life possible for as long as it lives.

Am I able to give the senior dog the time it needs to adapt?

The majority of senior dogs is used to living in one environment and has been loved by the same person their whole lives, and suddenly, they are taken away from their everyday settings and given to a complete stranger in the hopes that they will adapt and accept a new way of love.

If anything, a senior dog in this situation is scared and perplexed, and it will need lots of your love, support, and most importantly, your time to get used to its new environment, new people, and even other animals.

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